Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake

Hey everyone, I was making a birthday cake this weekend as requested by my dad. I think I'm quite lucky that cake is all my parents want me to give them for their birthdays. It's really a win win situation because I love baking and my dad gets a present out of it as well. … Continue reading Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake


Mango Lassi Recipe

Hey everyone, Just a quick recipe today. For anyone who doesn't know, mango lassi is basically a mango milkshake without ice-cream but yoghurt instead. You may have seen this when you go to Indian restaurants. Just a disclaimer though, I'm not Indian so this recipe may not be completely traditional I just came up with … Continue reading Mango Lassi Recipe

Travel Bucket List

Hey Everyone! Travelling to new places is always something that I really want to do, especially as Iย always go to the same places with my family. So I am desperate to get out there and see new things. In a moment of dreaming of all the places I will one day visit I purchased a … Continue reading Travel Bucket List