How to make Custard from Scratch

Hey everyone! For some reason making homemade custard has got a bad rep. Maybe because it's just so easy to buy the store bought version or because it's perceived that it is tricky to make¬†well. To be honest making custard really isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Yes … Continue reading How to make Custard from Scratch


Apple Crumble Recipe

Hey everyone! I have been waiting to do this recipe since I started my blog because crumble is one of my favourite puddings, hence the second half of my blog name. I wanted to wait until apple season because not only is it a vaguely autumn themed post but also because I can use the … Continue reading Apple Crumble Recipe

Mango Lassi Recipe

Hey everyone, Just a quick recipe today. For anyone who doesn't know, mango lassi is basically a mango milkshake without ice-cream but yoghurt instead. You may have seen this when you go to Indian restaurants. Just a disclaimer though, I'm not Indian so this recipe may not be completely traditional I just came up with … Continue reading Mango Lassi Recipe