Top Tips for getting through GCSE’s

Hey everyone!

As someone who did their GCSE’s last school year I feel like I can now tell you what I would to differently if I were to do them again. I am now beginning my journey in sixth form and I am realising how different A levels are in comparison. Anyway, I did quite well in my exams (6A* and 4As) but looking back I really should have done some things differently. I know for those of you doing your GCSE’s in the summer next year it seems quite early to be doing posts like this. But you don’t want to be finding out tips on revision a couple of weeks before your exams.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.30.05

  1. Revise Earlier

I can’t really stress this enough. I made this mistake by only beginning to revise properly in the middle of the easter holidays, but you really want to be revising before then. You can’t cram a whole two years of work (three years for science) into a month. Well you can, but not if you want to do really well and make the whole GCSE experience as bearable as possible.

2.  Revise for your mocks

For  me, I never revised properly for my mocks, I just thought whats the point? But trust me, if you revise for your mocks it will only make it easier for the real thing because you would have already got some information into your long-term memory, and you will only have the recent topics to learn.

3.  Make notes straight after finishing a topic

Ok I know all these tips are sounding really boring, but they will work. You don’t want to be getting to your study leave in the summer and realising that you have loads of notes to make for certain topics. Your time in study leave is to be going over your notes, not making them because they take so long to make it will really waste your time. So if you make them immediately the work load won’t build up.

4.  Remember your long summer ahead of you

Looking back, I think I could have worked harder for my GCSE’s. I think i spent a lot of time sitting at my desk and procrastinating. But just remember that these exams are not forever even though they may feel like it. So just use the idea of your amazing summer holiday at the end as inspiration toward harder.

5.  Make pretty notes

This tip will only go for those of you who enjoy doing this. But at least make some part of revising fun and so if you enjoy making perfect notes then I would recommend doing it. Go and buy some fancy pens and try to find some enjoyment in revising!

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.55.24.png

I’ll leave it at 5 tips today. If anyone wants me to do more, or if you want to know anything specific just let me know!

I hope this helps,

CC xoxo



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