I see humans but no humanity: Yulin Dog Meat Festival

I know this post doesn’t quite fit the typical content of my blog, but everyone must understand the true brutality of what goes on. I just simply had to write a post on this, especially as the festival is only weeks away starting on June 21st. I don’t even know where to begin as i am struggling to find words that will describe quite how horrified and truly disgusted I am by this so called “festival.” Festivals are usually associated with celebration and include a holiday for the country. Well, this is no holiday for the animals involved.

I’ll start with explaining what the festival entails. Many dogs are stolen or bought in illegal meat trades, and some are thought to be stolen from loving families. They are then transported from areas all over China in cages so small they can’t move, where they won’t be given food or water for however many days while they are travelling. Then, they will arrive in Yulin dehydrated, malnourished, injured and some are even already dead. Between 10,000 to 15,000 dogs (and also some cats) are then killed in the streets in front of people. They are killed by skinning, torturing, and burnt ALIVE! Apparently the adrenaline and fear running through the blood of these animals makes the meat more tender. How sickening is that? It is also believed that it will bring the people good luck to eat the meat as well.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 21.37.42

I’m sorry this is such an upsetting photo but it’s important that people should see what these animals go through

Surely anyone can see that this is barbaric! These are animals that for years we call ‘Mans best friend’. They serve humans as police dogs and guide dogs and as FAMILY. In return we humans treat them like that. No animals ever deserved to be treated in such a cruel, inhumane way. Remember, these dogs are mammals, they have the exact same nervous system as we do. Meaning that they feel the same pain from being tortured that any of us would feel. Just because they can’t express their feelings through words doesn’t mean their cries in pain aren’t worth the same as a humans. This is another example of the human race being incredibly wicked and not treating the creatures of the world in the correct way.

Please, please PLEASE go and sign this petition. If i lived in China i would be protesting too, but unfortunately this is the best I can do living on the other side the world. They can’t speak up for themselves, so we have to be their voice!


CC xoxo


5 thoughts on “I see humans but no humanity: Yulin Dog Meat Festival

  1. FrugalHausfrau says:

    I’m disgusted. I know some cultures do eat dog, and as much as that upsets me, I can kind of accept it that it goes on just as some eat horse. I don’t understand how such very intelligent animals are eaten, though.

    But the torture and inhumane killing sickens me even more. Thanks for making us aware.


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