My favourite recipe books


Hi Everyone,

Today my post is about the recipe books that I use the most. Some of the recipes that I use are my own that I have created using inspiration from other recipes. But if I am not using my own, more often than not I will be using one of these recipe books. I have tried to choose a range of my top books and I would highly recommend them all.


  • Top favourite: Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook


This is what I use almost every time I bake. It includes the most delicious recipes and everything I’ve baked from them has always turned out beautifully. The photography throughout the book is beautiful and such a joy to read through. The original book ‘The hummingbird bakery cookbook’ is their first book including everything from cupcakes to pies. I also own the ‘Hummingbird bakery Cake Days’ book including all their cake recipes which is just as amazing.


Carrot cake


  • Next favourite: Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food

This book is full of all the foods that everyone craves most. Yes, It may not include the cleanest of recipes but that isn’t the point of the book, hence the title ‘Comfort Food.’ The recipes range from burgers, curries and to pastas. The best thing for weekend dinners. In terms of the design, the photography in the book is beautiful and has a rustic feel. Very aesthetic and satisfying to read through. I couldn’t it recommend more.

  • Clean eaters: Simply Nigella

Of course I couldn’t include a post just full of cakes and comfort foods. Now don’t get me wrong, this book isn’t full of vegan recipes and purely vegetables. However its just delicious, healthy and balanced foods. A lot of the recipes don’t take as long as some of the ones in Jamies’ book, so this one is good for those mid week dinners.

  • A fun one: The Great British Bake of Big Book of Baking


I am a huge of the Great British Bake off television programme and I also got the recipe book from the season in 2015. It is really fun being able to bake the recipes of your favourite contestants from the show and it also includes some classic recipes of Mary and Paul’s as well. I don’t know about you but when I’m watching the show I am always thinking I wish could make that now. But with the recipe book I can. (Although Im sure I am not the only one who is disappointed about Β Mary, Mel and Sue leaving).

If you were stuck looking for a good recipe book I hope this gave you some ideas.

CC xoxo


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